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Case Study 856
I feel it is important to build a good working relationship with not only my team but with other departments. For example, if I need something that needs to be done I can hopefully ring an engineer up and get them to do it without too much difficulty which I have done in the past.

I agreed with a certain engineer to be given the role of trainer to another to gain experience on a particular product. I also outlined the responsibilities of that engineer to follow up with the training.

Whilst working with the new PDA’s we have allocated for the engineers I found out a way of getting the notes from Microsoft Outlook transferred to their PDA which was an invaluable thing to be able to do for them.

Within my role I am in as much contact with my team as possible, be it e-mails or phone calls but with 39 engineers to look after it can be difficult. Therefore when I do speak to them or send them an e-mail on a particular subject I like to word in a professional way as possible so as to gain respect and not the other way. I have in the past had a one to one with an engineer as we were getting worried about him so drove to meet him and had a coffee with him and I do get on well with them (or so I think).

When the PDA’s were handed out there was particular friction within my team (and others) as it was something completely new to them so I had to work with them and other departments to allay any problems that might arise. One conversation with a particular…