Case Study: Adding Extra Gym Classes

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Abstract Being in the 21st century obesity is something that is very common. Obesity is affecting people of all ages. Schools are now trying to prevent obesity in young children by keeping them as active and healthy as possible. Most public schools have changed their meal plans into a healthier menu. They have even extended gym class times to give children extra activity time. Now some schools are trying to take it a step further and take away class time to add an extra gym course to prevent obesity. Parents are worried that too much class time has been taken away from their children. Parents feel that schools are too worried about obesity and not the education of their children,
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Adding Extra Gym Classes “”Physical activity” is just what it sounds like – keeping students physically active, even if they’re not in a dedicated gym class. That could mean integrating more educational games and short exercises into the school day, or providing a more organized recess.” Classes come first, but schools must add more physical activity. (2011, October 03). Schools feel that it’s necessary be proactive in taking a step towards preventing obesity. Gym class is a state requirement in Massachusetts. Research shows that that when students are kept active it also improves their academic standpoints. They tend to be more focused on their