Case Study – Amazon.Com, Inc – Retailing Giant to High-Tech Player? Essay

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Case 9 in your textbook * Answer the all of the questions at the end of the case study
Case Study –, Inc – Retailing Giant to High-Tech Player? 1. Complete a table on key ratios: * Current Ratio - Current Ratio = CA/CL
What the current ratio does measures if the firm has enough resources to pay its debts over the next 12 months. Comparing current assets to current liabilities. Current Assets | Current Liabilities | Cash $10,500 | Accrued Expenses $6,000 | Credit receivables $11,000 | Accounts payable $7,000 | Inventories $15,000 | Taxes Payable $ 12,000 | Prepaid Expenses $16,000 | Current Mortgage $30,000 | Accounts Receivables 7,000 | | Marketable Securities $3,000 | | Total $62,500 |
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Would getting taxed for your purchases stop you from getting any of their great items they offer? Well weather you like it or not it depends what state you like here in the US. Per Amazon’s website the following states are charged with taxes; Arizona | Illinois | Massachusetts | North Carolina | Texas | California | Indiana | Minnesota | North Dakota | Virginia | Connecticut | Kansas | Nevada | Ohio | Washington | Florida | Kentucky | New Jersey | Pennsylvania | West Virginia | Georgia | Maryland | New York | Tennessee | Wisconsin | | | | | |
The reason these states are charged with tax is because they have offices or distributions centers in that state. Other than that I don’t think they should charge state tax. If they charge tax for their presence being there in that state then that makes it equally fair to other retailers. Before people would shop at the stores see what they want and buy it online in order to avoid being taxed.

* Have you ever caught yourself shopping and seeing the same item you want only one offers same day shipping while the other doesn’t? It seems logical that you would choose the same day shipping well why not who doesn’t want to receive their item as quickly as they can. But not all companies invest in same day delivery since it all depends where you live and if they can get it to you. If you live any of the 14 metro areas and currently a prime