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Case Study Analysis Paper
Karin Hirashiki
Essentials of College Writing
COMM/215 Version 10
September 9, 2013
Virginia Stewart

This case study analysis paper has been developed with the purpose of helping Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., to reorganize his schedule log, due to few mistakes he committed when he was planning it.
Process analysis will be used to apply concepts we learned in class. Here, we will be able to demonstrate our ability to solve problems, evaluate situations using our critical thinking, and also, to communicate our ideas and conclusions about different situations presented in the workplace or personal life.

Case Study Analysis Paper
Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls. Carl is supposed to schedule a new hire orientation in June 15, to have all hires working by July. He needs to have several requirements completed for the orientation day. These requirements were: manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests and some other issues.
After Memorial Day, he realize that trainees applications were not completed, few transcripts were not on file, and none of them had been sent to the clinic for the drug test. Also, he realized that, there were only 3 copies of the orientation manual, but with several pages missing. Then, when Carl was reviewing the scheduling log, he found that the training room was reserved for the entire month of June for a computer training seminar.
Based in his lack of experience, he was not able to find the best solution for this situation. But this problem needs to be analyzed and solved before June 15 to meet everybody expectations.
Key Issues
The key issues found in this problem were: Carl did not schedule the new hires to send them to a clinic for the drug test. He did not check on the hires files to ensure that all hires applications were completed. He did not check on his schedule to coordinate the day for the orientation.

Possible Solutions
First, Carl needs to check on his scheduling log to see how many day he has to solve his problem. Second, he needs to find out how long the clinic is going to take to give him the results for the drug test. There are many places where the results are ready really quick, like; Then he needs to make the respective appointment for the drug test for each trainee. Third, he needs to call each trainee to notify them that they need to complete the applications and take the drug test. Then, he needs to talk with Joe, from technology services, to coordinate for June 15. It is understood that the orientation room it is going to be full of computers, and that it is not going to be the best place for a trainee orientation, but still it can be used for this orientation too. According to the 2013 calendar, June 15 is Saturday. There is the possibility of having the room available for this day. If that is not possible, he needs to find a better place. A suggestion will be the campus gym or lunch room.
As the last suggestion, he should start looking for full information to complete the orientation manuals as soon as possible. Due to, he left everything for verification to the last week, he did not count with too much time. He has only a couple of weeks to fix everything and meet his job expectations.
Evaluating Alternative Solutions
The possible solutions suggested above are realistic and can work, but as possible solutions, they are