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Case Analysis: Oracle’s Larry Ellison: A Profile of Power, Influence, and Dominance

Saint Leo University

Abstract: The purpose of this case study analysis is to examine how Larry Ellison uses power and has used his power in the past to create one of the largest software companies in the world. This analysis will examine the different forms of interpersonal power that Ellison uses, how the two faces of power relate to his actions, if he uses his power ethically, and the influence tactics that he demonstrates. This analysis will also explain if he uses his power effectively and if I would personally be able to emulate Larry Ellison’s behavior. Oracle has continued to grow over the years and this analysis will explain if Ellison’s
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Larry Ellison has a very distinctive way of exercising his power and influence but it seems to work well for him and it seems he has no plans to stop.
There are five different interpersonal forms of power which include reward power, coercive power, legitimate power, referent power, and expert power. I would say that out of the five different forms of interpersonal power, Ellison uses coercive and expert power the most. Coercive power can be defined as power that is based on someone’s ability to create a very undesirable experience for the given target (Nelson & Quick, 2013). Larry Ellison seems to target his competitors and usually the ones that are the biggest threat to Oracle’s growth and success. He has the power to get into people’s heads and knows what to say to make it seem like Oracle is the best software company there is. “Coercive power moves followers on the basis of the threat of negative consequences; it arises when followers perceive their leader as having the ability to administer undesirable consequences or limit desirable consequences” (Hamstra, Orehek, & Holleman, 2014, p. 2). Ellison seems to almost enjoy using his power in this way by targeting someone or a specific company and threatening to expose them. The other interpersonal form of power that Ellison uses is expert power. This type of interpersonal power exists when a person has particular knowledge or skills that the target