Case Study Approaches to Ethical Dilemas Essay

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Case Study Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas
LaDonna Landry
BSHS 335
January 12, 2015
Nicole Zmuda

Case Study Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas
The case study I chose is that of six-year-old Tavion Robinson who was taken to Methodist Hospital by his father for a broken arm and abrasions. There were a couple of things in this case that could insinuate that the broken arm and abrasions were not an accident. The father being hesitant to leave Tavion alone with hospital staff was the first red flag that something could be wrong. Secondly, Mr. Robinson’s request that he be notified prior to releasing Tavion’s records to anyone. Thirdly, informing the Emergency Department that Tavion’s parents are divorced and that the mother
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Tavion’s mother’s statement of concern of abuse is sufficient to warrant further investigation by the hospital. I believe that Tavion’s mother’s concern tells us that from her history with the father maybe in the time she was married to him she has witnessed some form of abuse or a form of discipline that is legally considered abuse.

2. Should Tavion’s mother be directed to a different department of the hospital or another organization regarding her concern of abuse?

She should be directed to the social workers office of the hospital to alert them of her suspicions and if the hospital doesn’t agree with her and are not willing to have a case opened then she should see an organization outside of the hospital.

3. What internal and external forces impact this case?

Internal would be the staff in the hospital the external forces would be law enforcement and department of child and protective services

4. What are the legal issues addressed in this case? How do your state laws address access to health records by noncustodial parents?

The legal issue would be going against the father’s request to grant the mother access to the son’s records. However not giving the mother access to the child’s record is going against the right that the noncustodial parent has to view the child’s record.

I live in the state of Texas and in Texas the non-custodial parent has permission to access to medical