Case Study: Aussie Pet Mobile

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Aussie Pet Mobile
Amber Walker
Trident University International

October 8, 2014
Aussie Pet Mobile

For this session long project I picked the franchise that was ranked 194 in the nation during 2012, Aussie Pet Mobile. This particular business stood out to me because it wasn’t your typical business; most successful businesses usually sell some sort of product. Aussie Pet Mobile is unique because not only does it offer a service versus a product, but it also caters to people’s pets compared to catering to people themselves. I particularly chose this business because I recently adopted a puppy so this was something that caught my eye. A positive statement is what “is”, “was”, or “will be” and contains no indication of approval of disapproval. In other words, a positive statement can be tested. A normative statement is subjectively desirable or undesirable; these statements expresses a judgment about what ought to be. There is no way to test the veracity of the statement even if you disagree with it. A positive statement that could be directly correlated to Aussie Pet Mobile would be a consumer comment from stated by Leslie C. from Seattle, Washington “Ana and her crew are TOP NOTCH! There aren’t enough words to describe how much I appreciate their fine work. I have a large and largely fuzzy dog and every single time she has been groomed it has been perfect and wonderful. Customer for life.” This proves to be a positive statement because of the word usage, “Ana and her crew are top notch”. A normative statement that I found heartwarming from this same customer review by Sidney B. from Woodinville, Washington “I could work without worry or interruption, knowing that my little guy was right outside the door in the pet mobile getting the tender loving care he deserves”. That is a normative statement by the usage of the word could. The three basic economic questions are: what is to be produced, how are the goods to be produced, and for whom are the goods produced? “Aussie Pet Mobile offers a convenient, affordable, reliable, and efficient mobile pet grooming service to pet owners to maintain and achieve their pets’ best well being. We bring our mobile pet grooming services to your location” (Aussie Pet Mobile). That statement alone answers all three of these basic questions, the service of grooming pet owners dogs’ is being produced, they are being produced by convenience and allowing Aussie Pet Mobile to operate in a van outside of your home, and this company was produced for pet owners who need the convenience this grooming service specifically offers. Land, labor, and capital are all essential in the business world at one point in time. Aussie Pet Mobile only utilizes their warehouse space where they store all of their products plus the vans in which the employees actually