Case Study - Bill Brady Essay

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Case Study Analysis

This paper is going to analyze the Bill Brady Case Study. Bill Brady is a vice president and administration department head for a large financial institution, he has been in the industry for 40 years and has been the department head for the past 10 years. The companies environment is currently undergoing significant changes right now. A year ago Bill Brady's boss retired and Ben Sage was hired as his replacement. Ben was hired from the outside the culture of the company and brought in a dynamic, loyal, bright personal staff from his former company. The industry standard is trending toward large accounts and competition from other banks for smaller, traditional accounts is cutting into the market. The company is
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(Cheney, Christensen, Zorn, Ganesh 2011, p341). In allowing everyone in the firm to participate in the change process, there are naturally various sources of information at hand that the top level managers can bring into one useful and innovative whole. The two approaches can be ineffective by themselves but if we blend these techniques we can eliminate a lot of unnecessary climate change within the work environment. Top-down direction setting creates focus and the conditions for performance improvement. It then needs to be blended with a broad-based, bottom-up performance improvement to get people at all levels to take a fresh approach to solving problems and improving performance (Anderson, 2010).

Claire Wong is head of the review planning group which studies the operations of a work unit. Her department determines which functions can be computerized, jobs that can be eliminated and what work can be combined to reduce the number of personnel needed. Then a recommend immediate organizational changes of that work unit. The problem with this is that Claire insists that all recommendations be reviewed with the affected department head before they are submitted to her, believing that the department head must be on board for any change to be effective. Bill and his bureau heads were involved in the development of his original