Case Study Bob Knowlton Essay

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Leadership & Leadership Style

Attribution Theory of Leadership

Bass (1) theory of Leadership

Important keys of leadership


What attributions did Bob Knowlton make?
What team norms seemed to be operating in Knowlton’s team?
What leadership style did Knowlton need from Dr. Jerrold after Fester arrived? Explain.
What leadership style did Knowlton seem to get from Dr. Jerrod before and after Fester arrived
What leadership style did Fester use with his subordinates?
What leadership style did Knowlton use with Fester? Was it effective? Explain.
What would you have done with Fester if you were Knowlton?
What would you have done to influence Dr. Jerrold if you were Knowlton?
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3. What leadership style did Knowlton needed from Jerrold after Fester arrived?

The Leadership style that Knowlton needed from Jerrold after Fester arrived was the

Consult Team Style, & the Supporting Style.

Consult Team Style: The issue or the plan needed to be presented to the team in meetings or on a one to one basis to avoid misinterpretation of the primary goal. In the beginning of the passage, Jerrold had a one on one conversation with Knowlton which talked about his intentions of bringing Fester to the lab but he failed in communicating to the team what his real intentions were. He never focused on making others aware about the future of the lab, and that created friction among the members especially between Fester (the new comer) and Knowlton. We believe that Jerrold’s future intentions for the lab were good, however, his lack of team communication really affected the team performance as well as its productivity; consulting his team first was very vital in this scenario. Supporting Style is for people who have competence, but lack confidence or motivation. They do not need much direction because of their skills, but support is necessary to bolster their confidence and motivation. When Fester came on the scene Knowlton started to feel very insecure because of Fester’s brilliance & competence, more over he felt that his job was being threatened, by him. He would