Case Study: Business Products And Services

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Business products and services.
TrueCom are currently classified as a marketing and information service as they provide telecommunications and value added services such as installation and deliveries. In order for TrueCom to differentiate in the industry, there are certain new features and bundling that TrueCom can accommodate the needs of our specific target segments to cater a specifically to the needs and wants of the logistic companies in Port Melbourne.

The new product and service that TrueCom could consider doing is the Mobile Tracking Device (MTD), 2 new features and a few bundling services that could accommodate with the mobile tracking device, which some of the features will be good adding on to the tracking. This device can have an average cost of savings of up to 60 to 80 percent over compare to normal mobile phone calls (PRWeb Newswire, 2011).

There are certain feature and service that a Mobile Tracking Device has to be included in order to allow users to manage and control of the logistics operation efficiency and effectively (PRWeb Newswire, 2011). However, there are feature and service bundles offers that TrueCom can be accommodated with the Mobile Tracking Device, which allow business customers to customize on demand. TrueCom have use this new device and the bundles as a differentiate strategies from its rivals.

These are the features and services that should consider using, if business customers purchase the Mobile Tracking Device. Auto Attendant | Call Logs | Custom On hold Music | Recording System | Free VoIP calls | Fallover Options (New) | Mini Web Surfaces |

Products: Mobile Tracking Device including Cloud Hosted VOIP PBX and Unified Communications Features.
Features that can be bundled with the