Case Study: Cliff Aberson

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Famous person: Cliff Aberson-
Who- Cliff Aberson played MLB and football Cliff played for the Chicago Cubs and Cliff was a left fielder.
What- What Cliff Aberson did, was football and Cliff played for the Green Bay Packers.
How-Cliff was a three sport standout
When-August 28, 1921 - June 23, 1973 that's when Cliff was a baseball player.

Historical event:1673. Marquette and Jolliet descend the Mississippi, return to Wisconsin Illinois River and Lake Michigan.
Who-marquette and jolliet.
Where-illinois river and lake michigan.
When - 1673
What - marquette and jolliet ran away to wisconsin.

State animal:Who- White-tailed deer because school children voted for the state animal.
What - the white tailed deer
When-the deer was elected the state