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Case Study Complaints
Holly Crabtree
July 8, 2013
Michele Lardiere

Case Study Complaints
Complaint 1
To Whom It May Concern,
July 8, 2013 I am one of 90 police officers currently employed by Mason, Illinois. The new pay-for-performance plan instituted by the Mason police department is a form of discrimination against seasoned officers. The plan violates me and others 40 or older, according to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) (Brody & Chang, 2008). Officers obtaining higher accomplishments will receive higher biyearly performance evaluations using the pay-for-performance plan. This assessment will not accurately depict a veteran officer’s ability to perform his or her job. The ADEA protects workers
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This may not seem like a major offense but it is a form of discrimination (Walker, 2008).
I may not be the fastest employee but I complete my job tasks in the allotted timeframe. I should not be antagonized for aging. I come to work when scheduled and do my job to the best of my ability. My job is important to me and I want to remain in the workforce for as long as I can. However, I cannot continue to work in a hostile environment created by Mike Johns.
On January 29, 2013 I tripped over a pallet and fell. Mike came over and stated that I was “old and blind maybe I should get a cane and glasses”. Yes, my vision has decreased with age but my falling was an accident. I could not see where I was going because my hands were full. Mike later stated, “Hey Pops maybe you should give it and retire. You’re can’t even walk without tripping. Are you blind?” A few days later Mike was telling other employees that I had blacked out. This was not the case and he knows it. I do not want the other employees afraid of me or thinking I have issues. These management practices are unacceptable and make for a negative working environment (Walker, 2008).
These comments can take a toll on anyone, let alone an aging individual. I hope that these issues with Mike can be resolved with this letter of complaint. I will however lodge a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if the discrimination continues.
Gerald Baker
Complaint 5
To The Equal