Case Study: Cornerstone Insurance

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When NetCom first entered Cornerstone Insurance we noticed the following issues:
Each office had one Ethernet cable being run to it connecting both the VoIP phone and computer
The switch being used was not a managed switch or did it have any type of security
What was being used as the server was also the workstation for the front desk personal
The wireless router was only password protected with no other security done to it
Cat5 cable was being used, which stopped from any future upgrades to any network devices, also the cable being used was not plenum grade cable which is not up to Ohio fire code
There was a cable mess going on around the server and the switch
After talking to Cornerstone Insurance, NetCom explained these concerns to them and was given a budget of $1000 to do the project.
NetCom originally wanted to implement a server and move it away from the desktop the front desk personal use. They also wanted implement centralized network storage to do a backup of data and put all network equipment in a lock and key cabinet with proper cooling. Due to budget constraints, NetCom was not able to do those implementations. NetCom warned Cornerstone Insurance the concerns they had with not doing implementing those three key factors and Cornerstone Insurance is willing accept the risk.
NetCom implemented the following items to take care of their concerns:
Reran 2 Ethernet Cat6 drops to each office to connect and have a single line for each the VoIP and computer on
Using Cat6 allows Cornerstone Insurance to do any upgrades in the future
Installed a 24 port Small Business Switch that allowed for the following features:
12 POE (Power Over Ethernet) ports and 12 Regular Ports
QoS (Quality of Service)
Linksys E2500 series Wireless Router:
Enables you to have two accounts one