Essay on Case Study - Counseling Children

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I would approach the counseling session from a cognitive-behavior approach. It appears that Isabella is suffering from anxiety and the cognitive behavior approach to therapy would be a good match for the student. There are a number of aspects of the therapy that coincide with my belief system. I would expect to maintain a professional relationship with Isabella. While I cannot relate the situation that is currently affecting her, I would exert maximum effort in order to see her situation improve.
I would start the counseling session by letting her know reason that she has been called into my office. I would let her know that her mother had come to see me and I had also visited with her teachers to get their input into the
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I will highlight three of the more important counseling techniques. The first counseling technique would be to use cognitive and affective techniques. The goal is help the student change negative, automatic thought patterns. This technique may be a slow and arduous process, but one the student can successfully complete with diligence and persistence. The concept of positive self-talk and thought stopping will be introduced. By employing positive self-talk, the student will replace negative thought patterns with positive one. Thought stopping is a concept where the student will become aware of negative thought patterns and tell themselves to stop in an abrupt manner. The second counseling technique is problem solving. During this phase of counseling, the counselor and the student will define exactly what the problem is. Once the problem has been defined, a list of alternative strategies will be generated to address the problem. Once the list has been compiled, each strategy will be discussed with possible consequences to each strategy. After reviewing the complete list, a strategy is selected to address the problem. The third counseling technique is homework. The best way for the student to see if the strategy is working is to assign homework. The homework will be to make a journal and make observations about their strategies and behaviors. The homework will be reviewed at the beginning of each session.
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