Case Study Critique

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Case Study Critique
1. A possible reason caseworkers were not aware of the situation in the Jackson’s family home is because they did not thoroughly check the children and the home. The case works never asked the adopted boys question that could have been important to know why they were so small in weight. It’s probably safe to say that the case works went by what Raymond & Vanessa Jackson told them verses them finding out for themselves.
2. From the information presented yes I do think the nine members of the Division of Youth and Family Services staff should be fired. These people are responsible for making sure things such as malnutrition don’t happen to children who are put under someone else’s care. They should be fired because they fail to do their job, which is to keep kids from being in any kind of danger whether it be physical abuse or malnutrition. If case works fail to do their jobs by keeping these kids safe, these kids want have anyone else who will.
3. Yes I do think justice was served in this case. Vanessa Jackson goes to jail for a few years with the possibility of parole, but in my opinion she shouldn’t get parole she should have to do her full term of seven years. The state gives these guys a settlement of $12.5 million dollar which say that we didn’t do are job and we are sorry and this is what we have to offer you for the neglect we have showed.
4. Yes I do think this situation could have been prevented if the caseworkers had did a better job of