Case Study: Developing Chinks in the Vaunted “Toyota Way” Essay

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Introduction Since 2005 Toyota has dominated the car industry but when people spoke of Toyota is was never to say that it had the best fuel efficiency, faster or even more luxurious. They always spoke about how solid the car was, how good it was on gas and how they really never had a problem with the Toyota they bought. Everyone that spoke about Toyota always said that it was a great car for a great price. Toyota has always focused on making a quality car for a fair price and had the reputation as a great company to work for. The people that worked for Toyota always felt they were making a difference and part of a team. They felt their work mattered and problems were not swept under a rug in order to turn a profit…until …show more content…
Now the CEO of Toyota, Katsuaki Watanabe, is thinking that Toyota has strayed from the path of the Toyota Way and the quality of the product and the efficiency of the production companies are suffering because of this.
4. As virtually every company in the world is trying to figure out how to survive and make it through the recession, Toyota is no different. The CEO of Toyota faces new challenges as well as trying to get back to the core principles that brought them to the top of every auto manufacturing envy list. Toyota is trying to expand their operations, recover from the damaging reputation and instill the Toyota Way back into the entire corporation. Toyota is spending millions of dollars in an attempt to give Toyota the public confidence it once had. This challenge, in today’s economy seems almost impossible but Toyota is committed and believes they will prevail.
I have always considered myself an open minded individual and have tried to look at only the facts before coming to a conclusion. While America’s auto industries were on the verge of collapse and the United States government having to bail them out, I have to wonder why the United States government was so involved with the problems of the Toyota products. At the peak of the auto industry crises in the United States our government ensured the problems with the quality and reliability of the Toyota products were