Case Study Elkton

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An Elkton family seeks help finding a liver donor for their son.

Dustin Lawson, 31, of Elkton, his parents Tina and Darrell Lawson and a family friend Jenny Melhorne all seek to find Dustin a liver transplant, in hopes he can live a full and healthy life with his two-year-old son, Colton.

Dustin enjoys working, being with his son and was a volunteer firefighter in Elkton and McGaheysville before he became sick, according to his mother, Tina Lawson.

“He would like to go back to serve the community again,” Lawson said.

Dustin was diagnosed with Portal Hypertension Liver Disease in 2021, however, Tina said, he was born with the disease.

Portal hypertension is heightened pressure in the venous system, which is the network of veins through the
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Issues with his liver have impacted Dustin’s spleen, causing an aneurysm. Therefore, Dustin had spleen surgery in February, where he had three stints placed so that blood could flow better, according to Melhorne. This has helped with some of his symptoms, but he still has lost weight, is unable to work and has a purple color around his fingernails, eyes and lips.

Tina said that without a liver transplant, Dustin would have oxygen due to shortness of breath.

Receiving a liver will provide Dustin with a quality life, Melhorne explained. So, the family is seeking a partial liver donation to help Dustin survive.

“A living donor liver transplantation is a surgery that removes a diseased or malfunctioning liver and replaces it with a portion of a healthy liver from a living donor. Due to the liver's unique ability to regenerate, the partial livers of both the donor and recipient soon grow into complete organs,” states Columbia University Department of Surgery.

The liver transplant will help Dustin be there for his son Colton, Tina Lawson said. I would like Dustin to be able to watch his son grow