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EuroDisney opened in 1992 to less than predicted revenue. These predictions were mainly based on two factors: European visitors to Disney parks in the United State, 2.7 million annually, and the proximity to Paris, a central location for Europeans (Hartley, 2009). Disney executives ignored the warning signs that contradicted those predictions: The failing of three multimillion dollar amusement parks, the French resistance of the American conglomerate, and the weakening economy (Hartley, 2009). The Disney executives had far too much hubris in the planning, development and implementation of the EuroDisney Park. Basing future success on past success is no guarantee. Had the Disney executives accepted more external influence in the development of the park there would have been a better chance for success from the start. Eventually Disney executives started to listen to what the Europeans were saying by their lack of attendance. Disney lowered the admission prices and the prices for the on site accommodations. These were priced to high, Disney executives believed that their product was worth the price, but the frugal Europeans did not, hence the change. The lesson here is know and listen to customers, bringing them a product that they feel is a good value, not what the company feels.

The French are a very proud and sensitive people, for them to want to cooperate they must be listened to and worked with not told “do as we say, we know best” (Hartley, 2009). A corporate culture of teamwork must be cultivated to maximize participation and goodwill. This should be practiced with any culture in any business venture. There is much knowledge to be gained from working with, and to some point assimilating with the various societies that a corporation tries to cater to. Ultimately what the customers wants is what a company should give them, within reason. Listening and working with the customer to bring them that product or service that they desire will only benefit all parties involved.

Disney parks and Mickey Mouse are American institutions. Disney is one of the largest companies in the world and is readily identified as an American company. Disney is not subtle or shy, it is a bold company with huge earnings and the American spirit of go forth and conquer. This boldness is not as accepted in many parts of the world and this success makes Disney a target for scorn. Curiously, most of the stories told by Disney are of origins outside of the United States, many from Europe. This may be a part of the problem;