Case Study: Hausser Food Products Company Essay

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Introduction: Hausser Food Products Company has been successful in the business of selling baby food since the 1980s, and has had extreme sales growth through the 1990s. Unfortunately, due to some outside factors like decrease in birth rates, organic and dye free standards, and private name brand competition, growth rate recently dropped by three percent. The marketing and sales team are taking responsibility for reshaping the produce line and making more sales to turn this trend around. Similarly to many large corporations, there is a sales team structure, which includes a regional manager who has district managers underneath him or her who have sales representatives in their region that report to them. The district manager, …show more content…
He treats his employees as equals. In the article Neil Portow, who is a member of the Florida team, talks about how much he enjoys working with his team and how it feels like a group effort where everyone is helping to make the goal.The article also discusses how the team spends time outside the workplace together, having work meetings but going out after to celebrate and let loose. The sales team also trusts Boyar because he works hard to make sure they get their bonuses, so external motivation like raises and bonuses make the relationship work well. Question 3 Jav Bovar’s approach is helpful to the Florida region, but it hurts the company at the same time. His approach helps his area because his team is constantly meeting their goals as well as exceeding by 10%. If the Florida team were to let other regional managers know what they discovered, they could sell their product to elderly people in all regions. There could be a new campaign and marketing of Hausser’s products to elderly people creating much profit for the company. Question 4 Although Boyar’s group, the Florida Sales Team, always exceeded 10% above their sales target, he kept their tactics as a secret from Cooper. While Cooper believed that the best ideas always come from the salespeople who are out in the field, Boyar’s group feared that if they reported Cooper how targeting older people for the HFP jars was effective, the company would