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Hubbard Foods Ltd started up in mid-1988 and a private limited company. The company was originally named Winner Foods Ltd and only 4 employees at that moment, now currently has staff about 150.
In 1990, Dick¡¦s decision was made to introduce the Hubbard brand as the main brand for breakfast cereal products. The company¡¦s products set the price at both the high price range and low end of the cereal market.
Hubbard¡¦s has consistently built a culture around caring for others, creating employment and being socially responsible. In 2000, the company increased pay and allowances, and increased communication between management, the union and employees.
In 2000/2001, the company exported 14.4 per cent of its production
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Most of the supermarkets would produce their brand name by the cheap price and similar product with the producer to attract the customer buys it. They would willing to join the alliance because they can have the technology but with the low price. To notice that when choosing the alliances, it have to very careful because the facts told us there are a lot of alliances are fail due to the incompatible partners and the conflict between partners.
Use franchise to improve the export level and can make more foreign people to know the company.
Business Environment
Strong Competitor
There are three strong competitors: Sanitarium, Uncle Tobys and Kellogg¡¦s.
Sanitarium is quite focusing on sponsoring events and charities, as well as promoting healthy living. It mains breakfast cereal products are Weetbix and Cornflakes, and they have entered the cereal bar market as well as the breakfast in-a-drink market.
Uncle Tobys is part of the Goodman Fielder chain, which is Australasiz¡¦s largest food manufacturer. And then, they produce more different product, such as bread, potato crisps, sauces and baking products.
Kellogg¡¦s is an international brand and they were exported product from the Australian factory to New Zealand.
Their competitors are very strong, Sanitarium, Uncle Tobys and Kellogg¡¦s. They have very long and old