Case Study: IEX And NICE

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IEX Workforce Management
Aaron Wojtak
MKG 301 – Introduction To Marketing
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Lisa Witzig
February 13, 2015

IEX is a workforce management software I have used at a few of my last positions. It is a product sold and marketed by a company called NICE, which is originally based out of Israel. While there are other competitors out there and we have been approached by them but NICE continues to meet and exceed our expectations.
What They Do That Keeps Us Interested
NICE has been a company that continues to make improvements and changes based on customer feedback. This is something that sets them above their competition. When I mention the competition in conversation with others in my field they either have poor results or have not really heard about them. They have great brand recognition in the call center world based on their successes in many markets. NICE is very good about soliciting customer feedback on current performance and future improvements, so they reach out for new information to build on things. NICE has a yearly user’s convention where they not only thank the customers for their patronage but also provide forums and classes to learn about the present and future of all their products. This is also one way they ask for feedback.
NICE products tend to bring a higher price tag with their products but in my opinion that price tag comes justified with the end product they provide. They also provide continued customer support to make sure all products are up to expectation and fix any problems. At my current company we upgraded to the latest version and had our entire system crash due to it. They came in on site, fixed the problem, finished the upgrade and then sat down to see what they can do to prevent issues for us and others in the future. This was not only good