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Malignant Narcissism
Adolf Hitler


Adrien R. Schulte

Feb. 19, 2013

What is malignant Narcissism?

Malignant narcissism is a sub category of narcissism where the individual is anxious and self obsessed with the perception of what others think of him of her. Individuals with narcissistic disorder can swing from paranoia to antisocial behavior with a need for approval and feelings of inadequacy (Wise Geek, 2013). Individuals with malignant narcissism are much more aggressive with making sure everyone knows everything about him or her and how wonderful he or she is, showing little or no empathy toward people around him or her (Wise Geek, 2013).

DSM IV-TR Criteria

According to the DSM IV-TR the Diagnosis for Malignant Narcissism must have at least five of the following criteria:

-A grand sense of self importance
-A preoccupation with importance and greatness
-An extreme need for admiration
-An excessive sense of entitlement
-Ideas that his or her uniqueness or originality can only be related to by others of “high status or special people”
-Exploitative with relationships
-Belief that others envy or are jealous of him or her
-Little or not empathy toward others
-Attitude and behavior that leans toward blatant arrogance

Individuals with malignant narcissism believe that their behaviors and attitudes reflect confidence and security, but that is not true, the behavior and attitudes cloud a self esteem that is fragile and deep seeded insecurities (VanCamp, 2013). These traits, along with aggression, paranoia, a lack of ethical judgment and morals can be applied to Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was talented in arts and tried to get into the Academy of Fine Arts two separate times, but was turned down on both occasions (VanCamp, 2013). He father was a was an alcoholic and abusive to the entire family and both his mother and father died of different types of cancer (VanCamp, 2013). These events may have lead to Post tramatic stress disorder, paranoid personality disorder and antisocial personality with narcisstic tendencies (VanCamp, 2013). Hitler began his trip through German polotics as a leader in the National Socialist German Workers Party A.K.A Nazi Party in which they created the national revolution (VanCamp, 2013). Adolf set his plan in motion to transform German into one unique and powerful race in which followed his chancellorship and dictatorship leading to World War II and the disheartening period known as the Holocaust (VanCamp, 2013).

Biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components

Narcissism has five subtypes in which an individual may exhibit one or none of the following:
Fanatic Type – Shows paranoid tendencies and delights in omnipotence illusions
Elitist Type – Variation of pattern
Unprincipled Type – Exhibits antisocial tendencies as well as exploitive, fraudulent and deceptive behaviors
Compensatory Type – Avoidant and negativistic with passive aggressive tendencies
Amorous Type – Histrionic and exhibitionism. Researchers and psychologists are not exactly sure what causes an individual to have a