Case Study: Looking For Protection In Ukraine

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Cristina Jamba
Thomas Tipton
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November 18th, 2014
Looking for Protection
In the beginning of this year, Ukraine, a state on the border with Russia, was attacked by its armed forces. The declared reason was to protect the Russian minority, which after Russian officials, were depraved of their rights. After their encroachment in Ukraine, Russia seized Crimea, a peninsula that historically belonged neither to Ukraine nor to Russia. In this context other post-Soviet countries have begun to fear for their national security. One of them is Latvia, a Baltic state, and a former Soviet state, which has a big Russian speaking community. In the created situation national security and integrity is not anymore only a local concern, it involves other, more powerful states to say their word. Latvia faces security problems, and it is unable to protect itself without extern help. Latvia is one of the three Baltic states that has a big Russian minority, 13 percent of whom do not hold Latvian citizenship. Following the situation in Ukraine, Latvia’s authorities fear that “Russia is trying to use the Russian-speaking minority as a tool to aggressively promote its objectives” (In Latvia). This assumption makes clear what is like the situation in Latvia, and what are their fears. It is also a clear call for help from international communities. The situation in Ukraine that recently broke all the rules and still no clear action was made by other powers, make Latvians to doubt their willingness to help. The Russian speaking minority complains that their rights are violated. They say that are deprived of the right to learn Russian language and history because they are required to learn Latvian language so that they can obtain citizenship. These “complaints are similar to those of pro-Russian speaking community in eastern Ukraine” (In Latvia). In addition to all these Latvia’s government temporarily banned some Russian state television channels. This draws a very delicate line. In order to protect its integrity Latvia’s government considered necessary to make some decisions that are not liked by Russian minority and are considered as a rightful reason to take their side by Russian officials. Russia’s claim of protecting its citizens, is in reality only a way to expend its influence. After their encroachment in Ukraine it is obvious that Putin tries to restore the boundaries of the former Soviet Union. This time they changed however their strategies. Claiming that hey protect their population in those countries, they attack under a rightful reason. Russians officials don’t hesitate to threat those who are trying to stop them “A top Russian diplomat touched down in Latvia’s capital to warn of “unfortunate consequences” stemming from alleged discrimination against the ethnic Russian minority there” (In Latvia). This declaration seems to be very pretending, and it stresses how much they care about what other say. To reach their ambitions they are ready to do step over many rules. Some would argue that international organization are always there to protect their citizens, but in reality