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Group Discussion - McGregor’s Ltd. Department Store
Step 1: Situational Analysis
I. McGregor's department from its inception has laid a great emphasis on personal service of its clients. James McGregor, the current president doesn't want to destroy its old-world charm, which differentiates it from the other departmental stores. But at the same time he is worried that with an old-fashioned image, he will not be able to attract young customers and eventually would lead to over reliance on the middle aged and elderly clientele, which had serious implications for the store’s future.
II. This year for McGregor’s Ltd, the revenue from sales is increased by 7.5% which is greater than the retail average of 4.9%. McGregor believes that
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So they have good reasons for rejecting the new plan.

2) How to announce the new plan? How should McGregor implement his plan?
McGregor needs to think about through which kind of media to announce the new plan.
Generally speaking, when you make something change with different pros and cons and expected with the resistance of problems, you’d better have the change plan and problems description in writing in memo, it doesn’t mean rules out the oral communication. On the contrary, oral communication is also very important for those hostile audiences, high lever executives. McGregor probably should consult those key people about the proposed change and get back their reaction and also try to know if there is any strong resistance. And if necessary, Grapevine is also a useful way to test on identify the effectiveness of the changes are part ongoing process.
Here, oral communication should be taken firstly to convince executives and buyers of its merits and gain the support to implement the changes and to avoid the news of the proposed changes to reach the sales force in general before McGregor had the full agreement of executives and buyers.

3) What’s his goal if McGregor publish the plan in a memo?
Concerning about the effectiveness and feasibility of the new plan, he needs publish 3 goals are as followings: * It should describe the new plan very clearly; * Explain how it defers the old one; * Provide a convincing rational