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Case: A Difficult Hiring Decision in Central Bank
Connor McCleary, Carmen Wu, Anum Kausar Our case involves finding a suitable candidate for a newly vacant position at central bank. The vice­president position of regional sales at Central bank is looking to be filled are there are three viable candidates. Central bank has a vision, mission and values that the employee must see eye to eye with to allow there to be success and a smooth transition into the position. The mission, vision and core values include; Vision
• To be the leader in client relationships. Mission (Employees)
• To create an environment where all employees can excel. Mission (Clients)
• To help them achieve what matters to them. Mission (Community)
• To make a real difference in our communities. Mission (Shareholders)
• To build the highest total return for shareholders. Core Values: Trust
• Act with integrity, honesty, and transparency, open and candid, treat others with dignity and fairness, behave according to ethical principles, operate with integrity and support our colleagues. Core Values: Teamwork
• Work collaboratively with others; share info; respect opinions of others, listen attentively, ask for input and feedback. Core Values: Accountability
• Live up to commitments, accept overall responsibility for behavior, admit mistakes and learn from them, seek clarity on roles. The previous vice­president Martin Smith did not see eye to eye with the mission, vision and core values of the company, which led to his dismissal. Martin Smith (Fired Employee)

Martin Smith, vice­president (VP), Regional Sales at Central Bank was:
● “Values driven” and well liked by his staff
● Strong community ties/profile
● Lowest turnover rate in segment
Even though Martin Smith had these great qualities he was recently been let go due to these issues: ● Employee satisfaction scores in middle of pack
● Region in last place; results poor/growth stalled
● Integration of new segment incomplete
● Critical new processes/procedures not bought into or implemented
● Need to be liked got in the way of critical changes
● Thought there was a trade­off between performance and values
● Couldn’t make the tough people calls
● Said he bought into sales process/disciplines but didn’t enforce the process
● Hadn’t built appropriate relationships with colleagues in other strategic business units; no previous
● goodwill to help smooth integration of new segment
● Business continually left on table due to poor teamwork between segments
● Would blame others (often Head Office) for lack of success
The company believed that they should have moved on Smith earlier, but since he was an employee for the company for so long it made it a difficult task to complete.

Candidate Evaluation:

Values Driven
Charlotte Webb ­ 5

Scott Warren ­ 2

James Skinner ­ 4

Charlotte: We gave Charlotte a 5/5 in the “Values Driven” category because she put an emphasis on the personal development of her employees. This led to many of her “grad uates” moving onto bigger and better roles due to the challenges she exposed to her team.
Also, she was very willing to hire people based on their potential and would mentor/coach members of her team to develop their missing skills. Charlotte was respected and well liked by her team and had the highest Employee Commitment Index scores in the Bank. Scott:
We gave Scott a ⅖ in the “Values Driven” category because occasionally he is a one man show and does not give credit to others when it is due. Scott is seemingly arrogant and overpowers his team members, he also is not able to display that he cares for them both

professionally as well as personally. Success to Scott is measured by how well he has performed on an individual basis versus overall team performance. James:
James was given a ⅘ because people management and motivation was one of his