Case Study Of Alzheimer's Disease

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Case Study Paper
Ashley Stargill
Introduction to Health and Disease
November 22, 2014
David Carmon

Disease and Progression
Alzheimer’s is classified as a degenerative disease with no promise of recovery. The disease slowly and progressively attacks nerve cells in various parts of the cortex of the brain, and some of the surrounding structures. When a person has Alzheimer’s they lose their ability to govern emotions, recognize errors and patterns coordinate movement, and the ability to remember. Someone with Alzheimer’s disease will eventually lose all memory and mental capacities. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is unknown. It is believed to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors that possibly contribute to the deterioration of the brain cells.
In this case study Mr. Speed is in his early stage of Alzheimer’s which sometimes it is mistaken for signs of natural aging. Extreme memory loss contributing to a normal way of life are not typical signs of aging. Since Mr. Speed is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s his care would include keeping noise at a minimum, because some patients feel threatened and agitated. Speak in a clear voice, and use short sentences that can be remembered. Use combined facial expressions, voice tones, and words to communicate on emotions. Limit the selection on clothing to avoid confusion. If the patient is agitated and cannot be talked to, offer a diversion. A simple touch or a talk may help maintain a calm demeanor, because patients with Alzheimer’s disease can be sensitive to the caregiver’s attitude. Information regarding Alzheimer’s
Information regarding Alzheimer’s can be obtained form, Center for Disease Control, American Medical Association, and African American Caregiver Forum. Also you can use google to do a search on Alzheimer’s. Cultural Issues
There are many cultural issues that can be identified with