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CBCGL Youth Ministry
Boston Project (July 7-12) 2013 Application Procedures:
1. Take application packet home and pray for God’s guidance and talk with your parents about going. You are encouraged to talk with any youth worker as well.
2. Fill out the BP application (which will come later) and this CBCGL form; this includes obtaining the signature of a legal guardian (see below).
3. Turn in this initial application to Nathan Willems or Esther Lee by the 3/16 deadline. NO Initial APPLICATIONS WILL BE TAKEN AFTER THIS DATE. We would like to form the team early so we can create training dates that work for all the participants.
4. Be sure to turn in your $200.00 deposit when you submit your application.
5. Arrange and proceed to interview with a member of the Youth STM Committee.
Contact: Esther Lee ( or call 603-438-1892)
6. The team leaders/STM Committee will contact you within one week after the interview to inform you if you are invited to join the team.

Applicant Name:____________Sharon Jiang_____________

Some Things We are Looking for in You: (Please check appropriately)
Be a believer in Christ /seeker

( Check) Have the permission of your parent or legal guardian.

Signature of Parent:________Jennifer Zuo______________________________Contact: 508 517 8893_or Jenniferzuo@yahoo.com________ (or Legal Guardian) (Signed) (Printed) (Date)

( Only a couple of weeks) Have regularly attend CBCGL at least 3 months before application
( Check) Be teachable and work well with others

(Check)Have participated in previous local outreach program such as Lowell Wish Project, 30 Hour Famine, etc... ( Not Yet) Feel called by God
(Check ) Be 14 years old at the time of BP (By July 7, 2013)
(Check) Are committed to training dates (One each month in April, May and June) and fund raising activities.
( Check) Have demonstrated caring for others with a servant’s attitude (as displayed in youth’s willingness to serve at the whole church retreat, June 21-23, 2013)

Some Things You can Look For:
God will work in your life to change you; God will use you to impact