Case Study Of Dave And Busters

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September 14, 2014
“To deliver an unparalleled guest experience through the best combination of food, drinks and games in an ideal environment for celebrating all out fun”. The mission for Dave and Busters, an American restaurant and video arcade establishment located in 26 states and Canada. Now, success is the matter of perspective on whether a business can support itself through good work ethics, team work, effective management, decisions, and often times luck. With that in mind, is their business truly delivering or can it actually improve? To learn more, one must first head into their past; Dave and Busters was opened in Dallas, Texas in 1982, a concept created by David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley, combining their own respected establishments into one. In 1989, Edison Brothers Stores purchase a majority of the ownership in order to expand into more cities. From there it went public with Andy Newman, the chairman in 1995. Dave and Busters acquired nine Jillian locations, a rival company with similar ideals, after Jillian’s filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. On December 8, 2005, Dave and Busters announced that it would be acquired by private equity firm Wellspring Capital Management. Dave & Buster's Holdings Inc. filed with the SEC to again become a publicly traded company on July 16, 2008. They had set a date for the IPO of October 5, 2012. However, it pulled out right before it opened. Then, In June 2010, Oak Hill Capital Partners, in partnership with the company's management team, completed its acquisition of Dave & Buster's from Wellspring Capital Management. Now let’s talk about how they operate, what makes the company tick. Their operations is explained through the “combination of food, drink and games”. Items on the Dave & Buster's menu are offered from early lunch until late night and feature a wide variety of food. The food selections include pastas, burgers, steaks, seafood, chicken and desserts. All Dave and Buster’s operations have a full bar service and buffets are available for special events and parties. The menu is updated to reflect on the current trend and guest favorites. Now the gaming operations is entertainment that offer both traditional games and high-tech entertainment, which include numerous electronic, skill and sport-based games. The arcade is in the largest area in each Dave and Buster’s known as the Million Dollar Midway. Dave & Buster's locations offers traditional entertainment options including: pocket billiards, shuffleboard tables, a "Show Room" or other special event rooms; which are designed for hosting social parties or business gatherings. All the games in the Million Dollar Midway are activated by power cards, reusable cards that turns money into chips to use. Other than that the chips can also be accessed to get coins to play the coin games. By replacing most coin activations, the Power Card has reduced the technical difficulties and maintenance issues associated with coin activated equipment. For those reasons the Power Card feature has increased the company's flexibility in pricing and promoting of games. The Power Cards also have a connection to the redemption side of Dave and Busters. The redemption side, otherwise known as the Winner Circle is located in the Million Dollar Midway as well. It redeems the coupons, or tickets, that guests have won from certain games. The prizes include stuffed animals, clothing, small electronic items, large electronic items, and novelties. Some of the prizes even have the Dave and Buster’s logo on them. In addition, to stay afloat in our economy, one must get their name out into the world, through media, something, anything to draw attention to them. Dave & Buster's is a corporate sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization. There are screening rooms for every UFC pay-per-view and episode of The Ultimate Fighter. In addition, D&B also