Case Study Of Father's Modification Of Custody

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Three and a half months after the trial court issued its amended judgment in the divorce proceedings, Father filed a petition for Modification of Custody. In support of his motion, Father alleged that since the divorce decree, Mother had failed to take the children to church and engage them in the agreed-upon religious curriculum, and had otherwise failed to involve Father in important decision made on behalf of the children. Further, Father alleged that Mother was failing to adequately care for the children by leaving the children with irresponsible child-care providers, that Mother had taken numerous extended trips while leaving the children with said child-care providers, and that Mother had taken up residence an unrelated male. Later, on May 15, 2014, Mother filed a petition for contempt for failure to pay child support. In her motion, Mother alleged that Father had failed to make court-ordered child-support payments and that Father’s arrearage at that time were equal to or granter than $23,000. Mother preyed that the circuit court would hold Father in contempt. Moreover, Mother sought attorney’s fees in the amount of $2,500. Then on May 28, …show more content…
In his petition for contempt, Father alleged that Mother took steps to remove Father’s name as an “emergency contact” with the children’s school, and replace it with her fiancee’s, Jeff Reichert’s (“Jeff’s”), name in violation of the June 27, 2013 divorce decree. Additionally, Father alleged that on numerous occasions, Mother refused to allow Father visitation on three-day weekends as required under the divorce decree. Moreover, Father alleged that on September 23, 2014, Mother refused to provide the children to Father in willful violation of the court’s visitation order. Finally, Father made a plethora of allegation that Mother was slandering father in a deliberate attempt to undermine his status as the children’s