Case Study Of Joann's Business

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Jerry Lo
Case study 3

Joann wanted to expand her business in the used car and get a lot with new cars. The used car side wanted to buy a lot near Carmax to expand and compete with. The new cars wanted to open their lot in the new years to avoid taxes. Both came up with really good outcomes but have some problems that were asked. Both were asked on how to expand Joann’s business. The used car lot wanted to expand one by one with the first lot near car max. Thinking we would be competing with Carmax but we should be learning and taking notes from them. Next thing we needed to do was find a good place to put the used car lots that would be easier for people to access and go to through train, light rail, or bus. The place where we wanted to put the lot at was where there was a lot of traffic and they can see our cars and buy them for their kids. Then, we wanted to use car max as our advertisement when people went to look at their cars and saw our cars where better looking and cheaper. We needed to come up with a slogan that was catchy to people and they would remember us by our slogan. The new car lot wanted to open with Honda due to the more reliability that they had. The other group compared all the new cars and choose Honda. They then decided to try to open the lot in January to avoid taxes, but to only find out it would be worse. The ideal time to open a new car lot was in March to June. They chose to have people to go pick them up if the person needed them