Case Study Of Kayla Graham

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Kayla Graham is a 7 year old scholar at Carroll T. Overton Elementary School, she is in Ms. Preslar’s second grade class. She is an African-American, female scholar appearing to be in good health and care. After, a few tutoring sessions with the assessor, it has been observed that Kayla is a sweet and polite child, who is always excited to work. Kayla asks questions about what will be done during the session and if games will be played. The assessor also recognizes Kayla’s willingness to work diligently and efficiently. For example, Kayla never fusses or fights an activity, but instead always works hard to make connections. Particularly, during “Froggy’s Phrases” Kayla will almost always connect a phrase to an action or sentence. Kayla will also try very hard to read and decode words during the reading of leveled texts, and is always excited to play “Three Strikes You’re Out!”. …show more content…
During the first session, on September 28, 2015, Kayla self-reported that she has glasses, but does not bring them to school. However, upon discussion with her teacher it has come to the assessor’s attention that Kayla does not wear glasses and has never worn glasses. Ms. Presclar has spoken to Kayla’s mother about her self-report and her mother was astonished that Kayla had mentioned glasses. The assessor also notes that this “story” about the glasses and eye problems has continued across all sessions. At the beginning, of every session Kayla will self-report about either “going to the eye doctor that morning” or “having to go later that day because there is something in her eye.” Regardless, Kayla requires assistance to reach her maximum performance in