Case Study Of Matt Apple And Patent Lawsuits For Using Apple Patents

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Question1: On Friday May 13, 2011, Matt Brian reported that Lodsys was threatening iOS developers with patent infringement lawsuits. James Thompson, the lead developer of a popular scientific calculator named pCalc and Patrick McCarron of MobileAge were sent legal documents. Perhaps, they are only going after the developers because they think that they are the only ones at fault for patent infringement but Thompson would be in agreement with me that the lawsuits should be also be against Apple since they are also profiting from its use. “He notes that whilst lawsuits haven’t been formally issued to him, he has been told that” since he infringed on Lodsys’s “patent, that he needs to license it and” that” he has 21 days to respond.” Ironically, the patents originated from Dan Abelow who then sold it to Lodsys. A similar case involves the company Macrosolve which sued Apple and Android developers according to the Guardian on May 18, 2011. However, theirs might be nullified since they filed after mobile web was already being used in a number of countries. I don’t think it’s fair though to put a time limit on the lawsuits unless the patent has expired.
Sources: Matt Brian, “iOS Developers Targeted with Lawsuits for Using Apple’s In-app Purchases”
“Apple and Android Developers Sued over Fresh Patent Infringement Claims”, May 2011.
Question 2: I use to work for Duane Reade. They can have family packages which would encourage entire families to purchase products from them. They can give incentives such as discounts on products. They can also use their website to have their customers choose which charity they would like the company to make a contribution to as well as get to better know their needs. For example, most customers who are loyal to Duane Reade would prefer to go there to fill their prescriptions. However, companies such as Medco are giving them competition by mailing the drugs to customers. If Duane Reade had at least a delivery system, customers would appreciate not having to make a sometimes unnecessary trip. Even the relationship between a doctor and patient can improve if instead of having to go to the doctor to get a new prescription; Duane Reade would contact the doctor on the customers’ behalf. It would be very beneficial.
Question 3: The Truth in Lending Act was not very effective in relation to the subprime mortgage crisis, since those who purchased homes were not properly advised of the requirements of the loan and the terms of payment. Also, the Fair Credit Billing Act was not even thought of when banks were giving loans to people without checking to see if their credit was good.
People don’t even pay attention to the Energy Policy and Conservation Act since passing a car inspection is not that difficult.
The Consumer Goods Pricing Act is not very effective since when some manufacturers manipulate the amount of products they produce so as to keep the price high.
The Equal Pay Act is not very effective since women in high positions of companies are still being paid less than men.
The Civil Rights Act is not every effective since minorities are still being discriminated against.
The Clean Air Act is somewhat effective but there are still a lot of carbon emissions.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was not very effective since Madoff was able to run his Ponzi scheme unnoticed.
Question 4:
I would include that employees are allowed to accept gifts as long as it does not total more than $500. When meeting clients taking them to a restaurant for lunch would not be considered unethical.
If production needs to be speeded up managers should not use pressure tactics but should train employees to be more efficient and give incentives which will motivate them. This approach