Case Study Of Online Summer Counseling

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* gyjyjty s in April or May, and use the funds to pay summer tuition and buy your summer books. * Mid-July is when a summer loan, if you activate it, will be disbursed. * Borrow now at a lower interest rate. Subsidized Direct Loan interest rate increases from 3.4% to 6.8% for loan periods beginning July 1 and after.
Summer Counseling Session
You must complete an online summer counseling session that is available through AidLink beginning in April for students who meet the requirements to be considered for summer financial aid.
To access online summer counseling, login to your AidLink account, select the "Summer 2013" tab, and follow the directions. By completing the 15-minute online summer counseling session—
Allow 48 hours after you complete your summer counseling session for your summer payment postponement to be activated with Cashiers and the Registrar. * you will be eligible to postpone paying your summer tuition and fees until July, and * beginning late-May, and after you enroll at least half time, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will review your eligibility and notify you of your summer financial aid award, if any.
Within a few hours of completing the online summer counseling session, return to AidLink and check "Your Messages" in the "Summer 2013" tab for general information about the type of aid you might receive for your summer enrollment if you meet all eligibility criteria.
Requirements for Summer Financial Aid
If eligible, summer aid may include Pell Grant, State University Grant, Federal Direct Student Loan, or Federal Work Study. To be considered for financial aid