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Tanglewood is a chain of general retail department stores and currently has 243 stores around eleven US states. Two best friends started Tanglewood in 1975 as one small store and throughout the time it grew into big corporation. The mission of Tanglewood is to provide the best quality product as well as put their customers first.
The problem that both owners are encountering that the management style and human resources policies still differ from store to store. It is hard to keep up associate satisfaction; associate engagement and core value in all the stores the same. “Tanglewood really needs to slow down and take a hard look at our corporate culture. Right now, we need to consolidate and make sure we’re as close to the company’s original mission as we can be. Our success is due entirely to our strong culture—this is something we need to hold on to.” Tanglewood’s owners would like to make changes with the help of staffing consultants to hire only committed and qualified individuals who will help carry the Tanglewood philosophy into the future.
The best way for the company to acquire talent would be to hire someone externally but with some retail experience. External candidates would bring their talents and past experience to the job and extra training would make them a perfect fit for the company. Also during a hiring process, staffing consultants will need to make sure that these candidates have a great personality and will be able to provide the best customer service and will serve to the company’s philosophy.
Increasingly companies hire outside companies to provide staffing activities, such as recruit and hire employees. I think Tanglewood should outsource since their human resources management differs from store to store and in order to insure the same staffing plan is being used, I think it’s better for Tanglewood to outsource then hire themselves. By having someone else to recruit their employees, the outsourcing company will practice consistency and fairness with all potential candidates.
It is better to hire or promote internal employees first or at least give them an opportunity to apply first. Most employees at any organizations like to stability but also a possibility to grow within company, and if they will see that company promotes their own they will be motivated to work harder and stay with company. In order for company to cultivate stable and committed workforce company will need to hire and promote within company, internally. Most of the time it is easier with internal employees because they are already familiar with company’s philosophy and culture.
Since Tanglewood would like stable and long term committed employees, it is better for them hire core employees. Those employees usually have lots more incentives to stay with the company, such as benefits, better schedule and familiarity with organization. Flexible, or temporarily employees will never work as hard enough as permanent employees, because there is no motivation for them to grow and develop.
Most of the time, the lower turnover company has the more money they will save in the long run. It is best for Tanglewood to retain their employees than consistently hire new once since on boarding new candidate and training tends to be very costly. Plus morality of employees is much better when they see their cooworkers staying with a company for a very long time and get promoted.
Also, in order to keep up with other big competitors such as Target or Walmart, Tanglewood will need to keep their prices pretty low or comparable and the best way to do that, is to outsource nationally, where products can be made in different country and shipped for lower prices into United States. There is a down side of outsourcing in the country, we are losing jobs here at United States but many companies use this type of method to save some money which makes them more comparable within the market.
Since Tanglewood is well known and