Case Study On Fire

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1-Mann Gulch:
Miscalculation: An accurate landing zone. Failed to evaluating the risk.
Teamwork issues.
Briefing problems.
Follow Order problem
Open: Dodge was not open to his crew that cause misunderstood in many stuations.
Communication problems: No maps, Disconnect Radios, Poor communicate between the leader and the firefighters.
Timing Issues: Dodge showed disorganized time consuming
Group Organization. No discipline
Lack of knowledge: lack the concept of escape fire.
Lack of Training.
Lack of experience. Crew had a panic reaction
Ineffective or wrong decision making under stress.
No rescue plan.
No escape route.

Storm king mountain:

Disorganization of coordination between the Blm and USFS.

Bureaucracy problems.

Briefing the task info problem.

Multiple leadership in many team cause confusions for the firefighters, it suppose for Blanco to identify himself as the IC.

Communication: each team use different frequency for their Radio.

Fire behavior: including the weather, fuel, the terrain.

Follow order problem: some resistance from Mackey’s jumpers on the fire line that Mackey and Blanco want to build.

Lack of resource.

The can-do attitude.

Training required (physical and knowledge)

Ability to make decision .

As a leader he did practice very poor leadership. He wasn’t open to his crew, never invite them to his house to build a good teamwork and never tried to k now their hidden talented. He even didn’t know the names of all the men in his crew.
lack of knowledge of many firefighter concepts and standards .His experience within the 8 years he had was not enough and for sure he need more training. He missed the 2 weeks training that summer before the tragedy.
He was unable to make decision under stress or have the ability to make his crew follow his order. Didn’t take or make his crew act seriously.
Dodge Mistakes:
Dodge left his crew twice while they are in the theater zone and that cause confusion beside crew lack of instructions and made the crew split to 2 units. Late react when faces issues and communicating. Ha had problem with giving orders , making decisions . No escape route plan, Failed to apply back fire concept. He didn’t share the same vision with his crew and that cause the tragedy.
Mackey and Blanco both demonstrate social , interpersonal skills that Dodge lack beside more physical fitness and more abilities using tools.
Blanco mistake as a leader when he didn’t evaluate the risk well and depend on his judgment when didn’t thought that he will need smokejumpers and that’s why he never met mackey for briefing . He just instruct him by Radio and gave him some instructions without full details about the fuel behavior , the weather and the terrain . He never present him self as leader and that cause misunderstanding with all the ground teams. Mackeu didn’t follow the standards and the policy when he made decisions and that cause disagree by the smokejumpers. As a leader you have to use judgment but it should follow the policy and the standards.

The teamwork aspect was available in Mackey group, All of his group show respect to him and that because of his knowledge, skills and the good leadership features