Case Study Orion Systems (a) Essay

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Question 1
There are several recommendations that we would make to Rosas, which are as follows: * The project should be implemented with a strong matrix structure. This will make the project manager higher control and functional department managers will work like subcontractors. The project is a large, strategically important project in which innovation and coordination is very important due to the time and cost constraints. For these kinds of projects, there needs to be a higher control and authority. Moreover, with a strong matrix structure, the efficiency of the project will increase, which will help to achieve the deadline of the project. There would be a stronger focus on the project, which would
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Moreover, due to the strong matrix structure, all teams work in coordination with each other, in all steps of the project.
We believe that will the effect of strong matrix structure and the inclusion of Quality Assurance Team and the Customer Requirements Team, the master plan of the project will change. The effect of having a Quality Assurance Team who work integrated with all teams in all phases of the project, we believe that quality standards will be reached easier, which will lead to shortening of the time span of the project. Also since a Customer Requirements Team will be working also integrated throughout the project, the products that won’t be desired by the customers will be eliminated earlier than the production stage. Due to the nature of strong matrix structure, the team members will have higher project focus and collaboration which will also increase the success of the project and shorten the time span, since problems will be solved in the earlier stages. Thus, we believe the master plan of the project will be very nearly as follows:

Question 1
The major changes between the previous plan and the new plan are given in the table below: Previous Plan | New Plan | There were 4 managers in the project. | There are 7 managers in the project. | There were 12 to 20 design teams. | There are 35 design teams. |