Global Expansion Strategy Of Oasis Bicycles

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Table of Contents Introduction about Oasis Bicycles 2 Global Expansion Strategy 2 Primary Objectives of the Human Resources Manager: 3 An Executive Summary: 4 Pest Analysis 4 A Strategic HR plan for the next 12 months: 9  Human Resources Planning 9  Strategic Resourcing 9  Reward Management 11  Performance Management 11  Learning and Development 12 Application of a strategic HRM model 13  Advantages & Disadvantages of the Contingency Approach 13 Managing a global HR structure and system 14  Potential HR problems 14 Conclusion 16 References 17

Introduction about Oasis Bicycles
Oasis Bicycles is a Taiwanese-owned bicycle company but with design and manufacturing spread out across four
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The company is considering spreading its operations to countries like U.S, Brazil and India. An In-depth Pest Analysis of Netherlands is shown below.

Pest Analysis
The economy of the Netherlands is mainly dependent on trade, financial services, and industries. The Dutch economy has been a free-market system for the last two decades, and the government has actively reduced its role in the economy to regulation and taxation. The economy is characterised by moderate unemployment and a considerable current account surplus (DATAMONITOR 2011). Latest data show that consumer spending dipped in the first half of 2011. The labour-market situation deteriorated markedly in 2009 and in the first few months of 2010; while unemployment has since receded gradually, it is still relatively high compared with recent norms. Therefore, only a slow and fragile rebound in household consumption and overall economic activity is expected in the near term. The economy will benefit from low interest rates across the Eurozone, but both fiscal and monetary policies are being strengthened steadily starting in 2011 and will thus limit GDP growth in the following years. Private consumption has been restricted by higher inflation in 2011 as global oil and food prices have recently trended upwards. The fiscal position has deteriorated in 2009–10 following marked improvements in the previous three years. After three years of budget surpluses, the Dutch budget moved