Case Study - Panic Disorder Essay

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Case Study Report

What diagnosis has been given to this client?

Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

Background Information

Please outline the major symptoms of this disorder.

According to the DSM, the major symptoms of Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia are, recurrent panic attacks and enduring anxiety about experiencing another panic attack. The individual is also anxious about going places where escape might be difficult or embarrassing, or where they will be unable to receive assistance in case of emergency. The symptoms cannot be better explained by another medical or psychological effect.

Briefly describe the client’s background (age, race, occupation etc).

The client is named Annie, and she is a 24 year-old
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Describe any information you observed about the development of this disorder.

In the beginning of her interview, Annie talks about her many struggles with night terrors as a child. While she says these events contributed to her anxiety, it wasn’t until she was fifteen when things “broke down” for her. She states that at the age of fifteen, she began to analyze things within her family, and realize all the abuse that was happening—and that was about the time she began going to a psychiatrist. After 8 years of experiencing panic attacks, Annie says that she is now able to “ride” through the attacks. She explains a time, when she underwent a panic attack while working at her job at a record store. Annie claimed that it was as if she was starting at herself, through her own eyes, from very far away. She says that while she was experiencing a panic attack, she could see herself in reality continuing to check customers out, and saying “have a good day” as they left. In the interview Annie says that she is also aware that her disorder is partly caused by incorrect “firings” between the neurons in her head. Overall, the interview concludes that Annie’s Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia is caused by both biological and psychological factors. Diagnosis

Did you observe any evidence of any Axis 3 issues (general medical