Case Study: Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge

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A Marketing Analysis & Recommendations: Case_1_Peaceful_Rest_Motor_Lodge
The current businesses face broader challenges of customer needs, marketing efforts and business survival. In fact, globalization has equipped each person with latest knowledge about everything with the help of internet. Besides, from the business perspectives, it can be said that, internet has given an edge to each customer to keep their finger on the pulse of international and domestic business information in this phase of great bargaining competition and forcefulness (Brennan, 2008).
So, in view of this, this paper will analyze the given case study, Case_1_Peaceful_Rest_Motor_Lodge. It will also consider major issues in the given case study, important stake holders, open alternatives and germane consequences together with their risks and benefits.
Case study Analysis
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Tristan seems having faith in production-oriented business style. In fact, his motel business has acknowledged as the favorable motel for price oriented customers. Especially, tourists and vacationers and traveling businesspeople set their sights on this motel due to an economical place. As a matter of fact, “economical traveler strategy” impedes Tristan’s business to go forward in its expected rate or real meaning.
The problems in Tristan’s motel business are also included in this case study. Talking about the said problems, to begin with, the strategy to attract the price oriented customers is said to be faulty as it does not fetch good business in terms of finance. It also portrays the said business as mundane and homogeneous shopping product. Moreover, the location of the given business also thought to be poor. It is neither having a national affiliation nor nearby resort