Case Study: Scope Management Essay

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Scope Management

Achieving Competitive Advantage

Jeffrey K. Pinto

CHAPTER FIVE PROJECT PROFILE — Airbus A380: Plane of the Future or Enormous White Elephant? Introduction 5.1 CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT The Statement of Work 5.2 THE SCOPE STATEMENT The Work Breakdown Structure Purpose of the Work Breakdown Structure The Organization Breakdown Structure The Responsibility Assignment Matrix 5.3 WORK AUTHORIZATION 5.4 SCOPE
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However, in the case of a product such as computer software, scope creep may be beneficial. Companies like Microsoft stay competitive through innovation. By allowing project team members to have more freedom in design and creation, they are fostering an environment conducive to innovation. As software engineers see areas for improvement or innovation they are allowed to act on it. Thereby creating a more creative and competitive product.

3. What are the key characteristics of a work package? A work package is a specific step of the project. Work packages are smaller pieces of the whole project, which are more manageable and definable than the whole. They create a chronological map from one step to the next detailing what needs to be completed at each stage. Each work package includes its own deadline, resource requirements and supervisor. Work packages can be further broken down into subtasks that can be assigned to an individual worker or group. Collectively, all the work packages of a project combined lead the project team from the start to completion of the project.

4. Create a Work Breakdown Structure for a term paper project or another school-related project you are working on. What are the steps in the WBS? Can you identify any sub-steps for each step? This assignment is designed to get students comfortable with deconstructing the project into various