Case Study Substance Abuse

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In the case scenario I have selected, Mr. H has been charged with second degree murder due to shooting a neighbor for playing music to loud in their apartment complex. Mr. H does not deny shooting his neighbor and expresses remorse, though at the same time is trying to justify his actions by saying he has asked his neighbor multiple times to turn his music down. While Mr. H was being interviewed about the situation he stated that his God told him what had to be done so the angles were not disturbed.
Mr. H is 24 years old with no prior history of any mental health problems, had no problems discussing past developments, show not hostility or irrational thoughts, and is close with his family. Other recent events that have happen are: he moved out on his own and his mother is paying his way till he finds work, his father died 2 years ago in a car accident, he feels a lot of guilt for moving out, he has stated that he has heard voices before while driving his car to a grocery store about a 1 year ago and never got help for this. There is concern by the detective that was interviewing him that the more remorse Mr. H showed the more it did not seem as if he was genuine about it. It does not seem as if Mr. H has a problem in understanding and also seems as though he would be able to help in his defense. There seems to be no evidence of any substance abuse in the past or current that would play a role in his crime. Though, due to the recent losses and changes in Mr. H’s life that can cause an increase in stress and responsibility the reason for the referral looks to be one for mental health treatment evaluation. The purpose of this assessment and report would be to determine what if any mental health issues Mr. H may have due to the recent stressors in his life that could have caused him to go to the extreme results that ended in him murdering his neighbor. My impressions of Mr. H is that he is fully