Case Study The Micromanagement By Bronwyn Fryer Essay

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The Micromanager

By Bronwyn Fryer

1. Is George guilty of micromanaging? Why/why not?
Yes, George is guilty of micromanagement. Micromanagement is a management style where a manager closely observes and controls the work of subordinates.
This case provides many examples of how George micromanages Shelley and her staff. One example involving micromanagement is when George joined a conversation with Shelly and her staff and underlined what is important for the company and what he wants them to do. Another example is when George saw Shelley in the hallway and looked at her notes about press release. He didn’t like the attitude of the title so he made it clear that he wants her to change it.
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I don’t have time to worry about them myself”.
Shelley’s reaction on these tactics was not positive. She felt “disgusted and depressed”. After George’s comments about her mistakes and not complying with his suggestions, Shelly left out the meeting. She also wanted to call in sick to avoid confrontation with George.
George’s tactics did not help creating trust in Shelley’s work. He didn’t trust Shelley’s judgment. George talked to her staff, telling them what he thought is important.
3. Using your knowledge of the “full-range of leadership” model presented in class…
Using “full-range of leadership” model, George is being transactional leader who uses Management – By – Exception style. According to NebGuide, a leader under Management – By – Exception style sets standards, takes corrective actions, and stresses what subordinates are doing wrong. The followers only hear from the leader when something is going wrong. The case provides many examples confirming George’s Management – By – Exception style. George believes that Shelley is quite new to the company. It is necessary for him to bring her up to date. Therefore, he monitors Shelley’s performance and forces her to change her work into his style. George corrected Shelley’s press release reports: “He’d crossed out some sentences and inserted new ones”. George had a hard time holding his temper when Shelley didn’t make changes in the press release title although he made specific suggestions.