Case Study: The Transformation Of HR

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The Transformation of Human Resources
Richard C. Brown Jr.
American Military University

Abstract This paper discusses the hirstory of human resources (HR) and why it's important it becomes a strategic partner. The paper oulines the pros and cons from several different perspectives and the history from early 18th century to present. The information provided is reasearch conduct online from various articles. The purpose of this paper is to inform on the history of HR and why it should become a strategic partner.

The Transformation of Human Resources What is the history of human resources? Why is it so important HR becomes more of a strategic partner then hold an administrative position? The history of HR can be traced back all the way to the 18th century.(Gusdorf & Reed, 2010) The growth and advancement of HR really began with the growth of large factories. Most of the early HR functions and activities were very simple. Companies began to realize happy employees are more productive workers. Eventually the government started to get involved, adding human rights and work saftey legislation.(History of Human Resources, 2013) As time progresses so does human resources it evolves and adapts to current times and needs. From what we have learned from history HR is a vital part of any company, and can improve employee morale, productivity, and relations. Human resources will continue to evolve just as it did in the 1970's with the advancemeant of technology and globalization. With the gowth in technology it made employee records and information available virtually anywhere.(History of Human Resources, 2013) HR is going to continue to change as our economy and generations do. This trait gives human resources an edge in protecting employees and the comapines they work for. Human resource departments rely more and more on technology such as computers, social media, and cell phones. This is important because it's how employees can be reached much easier then previous times. We are in the midst of one of the greatest technological revolutions. The reason this is so important is because, HR departments will have to continue to adapt as technology changes and how people interact changes. The future of HR is already being shaped and it is designed to be much simpler then current times.(History of Human Resources, 2013) The theory behind simplifying the HR process is based on a couple things. Complex human resource departments are expensive to run and so are the programs they create. Simplifying the department and it's programs will generate less cost to run. Also with less complexity the department will run smoother in some aspects. However, in other aspects it will hinder the department and its functions. Some HR functions are very simple for example, handling company employee relations or how employees are repremanded. Other human resource functions are complex like building programs. Unfortunately for the most part program is complex and no way to simplify it. Why is it so important HR becomes more of a strategic partner then hold an administrative position? There are several issues with turning human resources into a strategic partner rather then an administrator. Lets look at HR currently part of their job is to handle discipline of employees which is in fact an administrative function. They are also in charge of company and employee compliance. Some of the titles of HR employees are manager and director which implies an administraive or surpervisor position. Human Resources even got started as an administrative position, filing paperwork and compliance for companies just to name a few.(Difference Between an HR Business Partner, 2014) The reason it is widely believed that HR should be a strategic partner is Profitability. According to Mayhew, “As a strategic business partner, human resources management gains support for enhancing employee skills and training employees to meet business