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Case study Unit 1.3.3

Case study 1.

Katie is 5yrs old, her and her family recently transferred to the area and she is starting a nearby school in year 1.

Katie is new to the school, mum hasn’t had the time to bring Katie to the school to look around or meet any one so this morning is her first time. Katie’s mum is running late so doesn’t have time to stay with Katie; She just drops her off and goes.

Katie looks around the room and finds a toy she likes and hides in the corner.

Members of staff are too busy to notice that Katie is new and leave her to play.

Katie doesn’t interact with the other children, she wets herself as she doesn’t know where the toilets are and doesn’t eat much for dinner as she doesn’t like the food.

Katie isn’t introduced to the staff or the other children.

1. How may Katie be feeling and why?
Katie would be feeling frightened, as she is in a new place and with strangers.

2. What sort of relationship has she built with the other children and the staff and why?
Katie hasn’t developed any relationships with members of staff or the children at the setting as she has not been there before or had a settling in period for her to adjust and make new friendships.

3. How will this affect her confidence and why?
Katie’s confidence will be low as she doesn’t know anyone there or why the facilities are, also the setting have not had chance to asses her and find out what her likes and dislikes are concerning food.

4. Will Katie want to come back tomorrow and why?
Katie will probably come back tomorrow due to her mother’s insistence, but more than likely Katie will not want to come back due to her negative start.

5. How will this affect her development and why?
This will affect her social and emotional development as she has not been formally introduced to staff and children delaying making friendships and trusting an adult. Katie will be frightened until she feels secure within the setting and knows where everything is. Until Katie feels happy she is unlikely to join in group / parallel play. The other children may also bully her because of her accident on the first day.

Case Unit 1.3.3

John is 5yrs old and moved into the area 4 weeks ago.

He is starting his first full day in year 1 today.

His mum has taken him for a visit on a number of occasions beforehand, he has been left for short periods of time and has met and played with his teacher and the class teaching assistant as well as the other children in the class.

The teaching assistant has gained knowledge of John over the weeks having spoken to him and his mum, finding out what his likes and dislikes are etc.

When John arrives on his first morning the teaching assistant is there to greet him, she stays with John while the other children arrive.

Once all the children have arrived and the register has been taken, John is re-introduced to the children and the staff by his teacher, making sure everyone knows his name.

When the children go off and play, the teaching assistant goes with John, playing with him to start with before leaving him to play