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Case Study: Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas
Tiana J Dugue
May 12, 2015
Shana Lewis

In the human service field professionals will have to deal with many forms of cases, weather it’s only an adult or a family with or without children. Some cases that are found are child abuse cases. Professionals are trained and have many guidelines to follow in order to determine a child abuse case. In a case of child abuse it is very important for a professional to know how to handle these cases. Professionals will have to follow investigation which steps and strategies should be in line in order for a professional to correctly assist in the case. Some children maybe of an age where they are unable to explain what is going on at home while others who are older may feel they I can’t tell the information without getting in trouble at home if something is actually going on. Professionals may be assigned to complete house calls or/and visits. During these processes professionals have to be skilled to identify important information.
Case Study In case study fourteen (14) is speak about a six year old boy by the name of Tavion Robinson. Tavion was taken to a nearby hospital which was Methodist hospital. In this case Tavion’s father brought him to the hospital due to a broken arm. Accruing to the case study at the time that Tavion and his father was in the emergency department, Tavion father seem to be hesitant to let Tavion be alone with any hospital staff members. As part of being able to assist Tavion the hospital staff ask Tavion’s father how did the injury occur, Tavion’s father stated that he was playing and fell from the jungle gym. The hospital nurse later took Tavion to complete x-rays and at the time the nurse ask Tavion what happened he stated the same story as his father did. The nursing staff felt that the injury seem to clean for him to have fallen from a jungle gym. After Tavion’s hospital treatment the father ask if he can be contacted if anyone called or came to the hospital requesting Tavion’s medical record information. Tavion’s father wanted this noted in Tavion’s file as well as a note stating that he was divorced and Tavion’s mother was not allow to access their sons medical records for any reason. Tavion’s mother end up showing up at the hospital the next weekend requesting copies of her son’s medical records, because she had concerns Tavion’s mother stated that she was re1questing this information because she suspect that Tavion’s father maybe psychically abusing their son. Being that the Tavion’s mother stated she suspect this is happening it should be an eye opener to hospital staff.
Tavion’s mother concerns can be investigated by the correct team, As long as all documentation was completed clearly and fully during the hospital visit. The hospital staff will be able to present the information for investigation. I feel in cases as such all parents no matter the relationship status should have access to their child’s records unless other documentation was present by the father showing the mother is not allow to have access via court order. Tavion’s mother will be able to take record information to appropriate department’s weather in the hospital or an outside facility. Hospital staff in turn can also start an investigation with service case workers within the hospital. The key in this case study is to protect the child.
Discussion questions I feel that Tavion’s mother concerns are a big warrant to the hospital staff to do more investigation. I say this because the staff was already uneasy about the situations and the way the doctor was acting, it seems that now the mother has given them more confirmation that she to feel the same way. I feel based off the situation the mother should be referred to the human service department in the hospital or even the hospital manager office so they can better assist with record information. If Tavion’s mother is sent to the