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I do a 1hour double manned morning call every morning for a client LH.
Every morning I go into the living room and say ‘good morning’ go LH wife as I go and open the blinds and ask LH wife if she would like a cup of tea. Then I go into the kitchen and make LH’s wife a cup of tea and while the kettle is boiling I wash the dishes, dry them and put them away in the correct places, after taking the cup of tea to LH’s wife I then go into the bedroom and get all of LH’S stuff together get his clothes out of the cupboard on what he is wearing that day, his convene and wipe which comes with the convene and his day bag which attaches to the convene (a convene attaches to the man’s penis so that they can urinate into the bag) then I get his creams out of the drawer ready for when LH is finished in the shower. Then I wake up LH take of his night vest and stick on his shower hoist , hoist LH into a shower chair and wheel LH into the bedroom before we put LH in the shower we ask him whether he would like to go to the toilet first , if yes we wheel him backwards onto the toilet and stick on the brakes and LH will knock on the wall when he has finished , after he has finished on the toilet we use wipes and wipe his bum and flush the chain take off his brakes on his chair an wheel him over to the shower , I then switch on the shower and ask LH whether the shower temperature is ok for his if he says no then I alter it until it is the right temperature for them then I wet all his body get a sponge which I apply shower gel and wash him all over his body, once he has and a wash I then use the shower to wash off all the soap give LH a flannel so that he can wash his face and have a hand towel ready for him to dry his face I then get a body towel and dry all his body especially his creased between his legs and under his arms once dry we then wheel LH over to the sink put toothpaste on his toothbrush and stick the tooth brush into LH’s right hand so that he can brush his own teeth I then full up a plastic cup with water so that after he has finished brushing his teeth he can wash his mouth out with the water. Twice a week LH has his hair washed in the shower and a shave in the sink. I then wheel him into the bedroom and attach his hoist and then hoist him back into the bed, double check he is dry all over, I then his convene, wipe and day bag next to me ready, apply the wipe around LH’s penis open up the convene and stick it on his penis (right to the back) then attach his day bag to the end of the convene making sure that the tap is closed so the his urine does not come out the bottom of the day bag. I then apply heat cream to his