Case Study: Zona Galactica

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Question one, why is the Zona Galactica considered Mexico’s most modern brothel? Zona Galactica is considered Mexico’s most modern brothel because it is the only government run brothel in Mexico that is regulated and formed under neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is a global phenomenon, a more aggressive stage of capitalism marked by financial and trade liberalization and the embrace of the global free market – sociologist David Larvey. Zona Galactica was considered Mexico’s most modern brothel because any other brothel that was not regulated by the state was considered dirty, not in order, and not modern. While Zona Galactic is a symbol of neoliberalism and represents order and modernity which the state prioritizes. Zona Galactica was created to reduce street prostitution and to create a controlled environment, a place in order, and disciplined bodies. Zona Galactica is Mexico’s largest public brothel that is regulated by the government and is believed to be clean. There is only one government run brothel in all of Mexico that is considered clean, in order, and modern and that brothel is Zona Galactica. Mexico’s most modern brothel is Zona Galactica which is considered clean, in order, modern, and represents neoliberalism. According to Patty Kelly she says “the men and the women who worked the streets became symbols of …show more content…
Zona Galactica was created in order to control street prostitutes and protect its citizens from transmitted diseases. As government officials enforced laws and made sex workers work in the zone in order to control them and regulate them in order to provide clean and safe sex for its citizens. Zona Galactica is believed to be Mexico’s most modern brothel because there is no other brothel so heavily regulated by the government like Zona Galactica. Zona Galactica is a symbol of pride for government officals and citizens of Mexico rely on the Zona for cheap safe