Case Study of the Troubled History of the Airbus A380 Essay

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Case study of the troubled history of the Airbus A380

Aschcroft International Business School
Systems and Operations Management
Department: Accounting & Information Systems
Module Code: BB215010S


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Academic Year: 2010/11
Semester 2

Executive summary
In this paper, it applied knowledge learnt in this course into the troubled history of the development of Airbus A380. The three times repeated delays caused serious loss for the Airbus. It first analyzed the role of system and operation management in promoting business in Airbus. Whether the operation management and system is integrated with the business of the development of A380 will be discussed. The
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That is the process mapping, which is shown as following. With this process mapping, it is easier to design the sequence of procedures. The procedure with higher priority can be processed earlier. The time will be reduced. Flow process charts for A380 is also provided in Appendix 1.
Figure2.0 The meaning of symbols in process mapping

Figure 3.0 The process mapping of the development of A380

2.2 Analysis of system

2.2.1 Decision making for different levels of business

The success of one project depends on a series of decision making. The decision making can be divided into three levels, namely operational level, tactical level and strategic level. (Petkov & Petkova, 2007) Operational decisions mainly deal with daily routine transactions, such as sales orders. Tactical decisions mainly consider medium term decisions. They are always semi structured. And strategic decisions are about the long term decisions, such as what kind market to enter. (Flores, 2002) They are always unstructured. The relationship between these level decisions making is showed as following. As the strategic decision making should rely on the data from the tactical, and the tactical management should base on the data in operation level, the database in different level should be in hierarchy. In this way, the higher executives of this project can