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Question 1
Based on Vicente Ruiz’s actions and his conversation with Chuck Moore, what differences do you detect in cultural attitudes toward communications in Mexico as compared with the United States? Is understanding these differences important? Explain. The cultural differences emerged in the communication channel adopted by Vicente Ruiz and Chuck Moore. In this case, Chuck Moore was upset with the delayed shipping of toys from Mexico plant. He was then decided to send an electronic mail to the respective plant manager, Vicente Ruiz. He was expecting a reasonable explanation for their inefficiency. However, electronics medium used by Chuck Moore is not appropriate in showing the urgency of the matter. This is because in Mexico,
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As for the communication to Michael Sato, Chuck just wanted to express his failure of his duties and to inform his supervisor about the current problem. Chuck is actually furious and anxious about the availability of his Christmas’s toys. He wanted to solve this problem by asking some advices from Michael Sato. When choosing for a channel to Vicente, Chuck should have considered three factors. First, whether the channel is able to handle multiple cues simultaneously; second, whether the channel facilitates rapid, two-way feedback and third, whether the channel established a personal focus for the communication. For sure, Chuck needs to consider these three factors based on his current situation. In this case, the problem is considered urgent and therefore, communication channels which have high information richness are more suitable. For examples, face-to-face discussion and telephone conversations should be the first two priorities of Chucks. This is because these two channels allow not only immediate feedback but also enable the focus to be put on the core of the communication. As a result, misunderstanding reduced significantly and the purpose of the communication is delivered effectively.
When communicating with Michael Sato, the factors considered in Vicente’s case are not applicable. The purposes of Chuck communicating with his supervisor are to report on the current progress and ask for advices dealing with Mexican plant