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Multi products corporation (MPC) acquired rights for new type of golf stick (club)
Abdul produced a few sets of golf sticks and died
The golf stick got famous because of their superiority
Abdul had patented the design so that no one can copy them
MPC had numerous divisions and set up a new division for golf sticks
Raheel is the head of the new golf stick department
Raheel would be given all financial resources and staff needed to run the division
Raheel would have freedom to take decisions on his own because company has confidence in him

1. The first task: Design the organization structure
Market research says demand for golf stick is strong and stable
Demand will not be price sensitive (golfers will be willing to pay any price)
It will be easy to secure distributors
Distributor X is willing to start a 4 year contract on fixed volume and price (because of the security of patent protection)

2. The second task: Production side
Its straightforward
Acquiring production equipment is very easy because its readily available in the marketplace
There are many possible suppliers
Negotiate long term contracts with suppliers at fixed price

3. The third task: Basic production technology
Involves step by step manufacturing process
The process has been refined to a high degree of efficiency
Raheel knows the production volume of his golf sticks so he can easily decide on the production plant size which will be optimum
The type of workers required are readily available
There are no such labor disruptions in this industry

4. The fourth task: Government regulations
As long as the golf stick meet the (Canadian standards association) standards, the government will not get involved with your product
Only groups which are against the idea of using parks as golf grounds, can oppose otherwise no other people are a threat

5. The fifth task: Future technological change
Not a big issue
When Raheel will start production, he will start with the latest equipment which has remain unchanged since many years
The speed of technological change for golf sticks is very slow.

Classic brand management at P&G means the brand manager thinks only about his product from head to toe, watches his competitors closely and waits for his rise at P&G if he s successful at championing his product
The type of management is not working anymore and P&G is thinking of renovating this process to bring about a revolution.
Old days: This kind of brand management was successful when housewife didn’t work shopped from outside and were much more brand loyal.
Now things have changed
New days: There are numerous products and new classes of consumers who buy such as (students, working couples etc.)
The retailers and most manufacturers know their consumers buying patterns through computer technology
In big cities, there is one giant retailer who dictate terms to manufacture such matters as shelf space and brand promotion
The smartest companies must tailor the organization of each of their business units to support their individual strategies

1. The new chart of P&G

P&G the nation’s most influential and largest household product marketer, highlights the problems in modern merchandising but is reluctant to discuss them

The high level authority brand managers are now assigned to teams with manufacturing,…